Texarkana is growing. New business and restaurants are opening up but what about grocery stores? For years it's been Albertsons, Walmart and Super One. Oh, and of course those rumors of HEB coming to town. Yes, those are still rumors. 

Albertsons had its huge makeover in the past few months and Walmart has opened its Neighborhood Markets and they all look great, but . . . .

Don't get me wrong, I like what we have. I'm just ready for more options. Is that bad?

My husband and I were in Shreveport recently and we popped into Kroger. We actually went because my husband found out that Kroger carries some English foods -- cookies and candies -- and since he's originally from England it was a "must stop" on our list.

As we walked in, I was immediately drawn to the deli area. It wasn't just a deli. There was a salad bar, a sushi bar, a hummus bar and an olive bar. Heck, I don't even like olives, but if I did? Man! I was walking around feeling like I'd hit the jackpot. And I just couldn't help but think "Why can't we have something like this?"

Is there a grocery store chain that you'd like to see come to Texarkana? Which one and why?

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