If you're like many of us in search of the silver lining in 2020, I may have just found it. According to NBC News Walmart plans to avoid their usual big Black Friday crowd and mayhem by opting for three Black Fridays instead of just one.So no more stampedes and fighting over sheets and crock pots. This year people are more afraid of catching 'Rona than they are of missing out on a good sale. Kudos to Walmart for coming up with a plan for prevention. Let's pray it works. 

Here is the breakdown for the three different Black Fridays:

November 7th: Black Friday for toys, electronics, and home products.

November 14th: Black Friday for computers, movies, and music.

November 27th (Actual Black Friday): The final Black Friday, no idea what specifically they will have on sale

Walmart isn't the only retail giant forward thinking this holiday season. Target, Amazon, are also putting things in place to entice shoppers like "deal days" and of course encouraging consumers to shop online to avoid crowds.

So, do you plan to shop during any of the new Black Fridays deals?



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