Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks but a big part of the celebration is obviously the food. Besides Turkey and dressing the other mainstay on the table will be casseroles. Which made me wonder what is the most favorite casserole in Arkansas and Texas? Is it the same?

There are so many casserole dishes out there that have been passed down through families and brought to parties and church gatherings and of course brought to the Thanksgiving Day table.

Who doesn't love a green bean casserole, a cheesy potato casserole or mac and cheese casserole? They are usually easy to make and qualify as a comfort food too.

According to Google Trends which has been keeping score of what casseroles people are searching for all across the country, it's interesting to see the difference in the most popular casserole from state to state.

So taking a look in our neck of the woods, these are the most favorite casseroles:

 Oklahoma's Favorite Thanksgiving Casserole


Broccoli Rice. Wow, you know I totally forgot about this one!

Texas' Favorite Thanksgiving Casserole

Broccoli casserole with eggs and cheese, vegetarian food.

Broccoli Rice wins again! I guess this is one thing Texas and OU fans can agree on. You can check out the recipe below.

Louisana's Favorite Thanksgiving Casserole?


In Lousiana, they are all about Corn Casseroles and I can see why! It's easy to make and it has only 5 ingredients. You can see the recipe below.


Arkansas's Favorite Thanksgiving Casserole is...

Now we come to Arkansas Favorite Thanksgiving Casserole, Can you guess what it is?


Sweet Potato Casserole is tops in Arkansas. You can top it too different ways. The marshmallow topping is a favorite but I find it too sweet. If your like me then try topping it with crushed pecans and brown sugar. I when ahead and put two recipe videos for this one.

And For A Few Strange States..I Mean States with Strange Casseroles Are:

Pennsylvania and Maryland love the Leftover Casserole, personally, I'm still trying to figure that one out. And then there is North Carolina and their Pineapple Casserole. Yeah, I'm a bit confused too but I think in our area...we've got it right!  You can check out the entire map of favorite Thanksgiving Casseroles here.

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