Actually, the first question should be; "Who knew there were National awards for having a great Neighborhood Association?" We had no idea. But congratulations to Rose Hill Neighborhood Improvement Association as they have been named a finalist for just such a thing.

The Rose Hill Neighborhood Improvement Association has been named a finalist for the Neighborhood of the Year Award, which will be announced at the Neighborhoods USA (NUSA) conference this Friday, May 6th. Again, who knew?

According to the Press Release, the application was submitted under the Social Revitalization category, described as projects focusing on the social or cultural aspects of a neighborhood, such as safety, youth and/or senior programs, and activities that make neighbors feel connected and foster neighbors working together.

In 2021, the association, in partnership with The Scholars of Texarkana and the Housing Authority of Texarkana, Texas (HATT) reopened the Rosehill Community Center at 1303 Milam Street, and provided programming to sixty-one youth in the community, and fifty-two young adults. Their goal is to increase those numbers by 25% this year.

“The Rose Hill Neighborhood Improvement Association along with our partners: The Scholars of Texarkana and HATT, are honored and excited to be named as one of the finalists of this year's NUSA Neighborhood of the Year Award.” said Rhonda Dolberry, president of Rose Hill Neighborhood Improvement Association and co-founder of The Scholars. “As leaders of the Texarkana community, we share a common goal and vision of helping our citizens to gain knowledge, providing a safe environment for all, and beautifying our neighborhoods. We must stand together and work together, to create and implement any future positive changes.”

The Neighborhoods USA conference is currently taking place in Little Rock, Arkansas, May 4-7, 2022, and Texarkana has sent a large contingency of staff, council members, and neighborhood association presidents to represent the community.

Good luck, we hope you bring back a big trophy, or whatever it is they award the winner.

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