In recent months, Texarkana has had a rash of restaurants close. Some are moving, some are not coming back. Here's the scoop.

The first one that shocked me was when Little Caesars closed on Richmond Road. My son, Tyler, noticed it when we were driving by one afternoon. He said "Dad, what happened to Little Caesars?"

We whipped around to go check it out and that's when we saw it had been gutted. All the kitchen stuff removed and looking for all the world like they were about to tear it down. It was baffling to say the least. That was a very busy location so we had no idea if they had closed for good, where moving locations, rebuilding a brand new building there or what? We just didn't know.

The same kind of thing has happened to several food locations around town over the last several months and just so there's no more confusion than there has to be, here's what we do know.

  • Little Caesars on Richmond Road. - Gone from that location but reopening soon further down the road in the strip center next to the new Neighborhood Walmart. The old location is being reborn as a dentist's office (from what we hear).
  • Wendy's on Richmond Road. - Gone forever I'm afraid. Coming soon to that location, Chicken Express.
  • If you have lived here a long, long time -- remember the old Wienerschnitzel on Stateline? Next, it was a Whataburger and who knows what else next? That building finally got demolished and an AT&T is being erected in its place. Sorry no food there.
  • Orange Leaf next to Starbucks on Stateline - gone. Rumors are a bakery is going in that spot, no confirmation yet though.
  • 30 Burger in Nash - Reports have it moving to the vacated Marco's Pizza location on Texas Boulevard.
  • Copeland's on the I-30 westbound frontage road between Jefferson and State Line - closed a short time ago and fairly quickly re-opened as Cafe Five Eleven (5-1-1) - A family restaurant. The sign is really hard to read though when you go by it at 79 miles per hour. Not that I would drive that fast, nope!
  • HomeZone Furniture location in the mall parking lot - Look for a growing chain called "Bubba's 33." We wrote a story on them last summer. They serve burgers, pizza and beer. It will be a while though because the HomeZone and Toys R Us building has to be demolished first.

Well, that's what I heard. Stay tuned.

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