Whoopi Goldberg gave Roseanne Barr a piece of her mind after the comedienne retweeted a photoshopped image of the actress wearing a shirt depicting violence against President Donald Trump. “Out of curiosity @ABC & @Disney this is okay with you?” the tweet in question reads. The caption is referencing ABC's decision to cancel Roseanne after Barr unleashed a series of racist tweets on Tuesday (May 29). Goldberg would have none of it, and addressed the situation Wednesday (May 30) on The View.

“In her Twitter rant following the cancellation, [Roseanne] retweeted a false picture of me… Here is the truth about this shirt I was wearing at the Women’s March in New York. It very clearly says, ‘And you thought I was a nasty woman before? Buckle up, Buttercup.'” Goldberg said directly into the camera. “Now some bonehead photoshopped a horrific image on the shirt and she retweeted this. So this is what I’m going to say Roseanne: Just because you were caught with your pants down, don’t try to drag other people down with you. Do you understand? Don’t do that! There are times when, yeah, you’ve got to suck it up because you stepped in doo.”

Watch her full statement below.


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