Play R&Bingo Trivia with Keeta King tomorrow while you're Jammin' On The Job for a chance to win 4 VIP tickets to the Four States Fair with UNLIMITED RIDES!

How cool would it be to hang out and enjoy the  Four States Fair VIP style with family and friends a whole day before everyone else?!?! Well we're giving you that chance starting tomorrow while you're Jammin' On The Job with your Best Friend At Work, Keeta King!  In honor of the 75th Annual Four States Fair and Rodeo, you and three friends and/or family members could be our special guests and enjoy UNLIMITED RIDES this Thursday, September 12 from 5 PM - 8 PM! No long lines or hustle and bustle! Just good fair fun with the ones you love. Here's how to win....

Tune in tomorrow from 9 AM to 2 PM with Keeta King for a few fun games of R&Bingo TRIVIA!! How well do YOU know your R&B?? Well we're about to see! Keeta King will play a song and ask a question pertaining to the song. Be the first caller to call in with the correct answer, and 4 Four States Fair VIP Passes belong to you.

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