Here in my home of New York, Wonder Woman still has multiple daily showtimes at multiple theaters around town, nearly two and a half months after its theatrical debut. And just yesterday, Warner Bros. announced that they would begin the film’s home-video rollout on August 29 with a Digital HD streaming option before releasing the Blu-ray and DVD on September 19. With theatrical screenings scheduled to continue until at least a week from today, that leaves an eleven-day window during which fans will have to live in a world where they can’t readily watch Wonder Woman at their leisure. It will be a brief dark age, but the specifics of the release suggest that devotees will find the wait worth it.

Collider’s summary of the home-video release makes special note of a deleted scene bundled as a special feature on the upcoming disc, an epilogue that couldn‘t make it to print under DC’s “Not Marvel Doctrine,” which forbids stinger scenes. In it, Wonder Woman’s chum Etta Candy “gets the boys back together for a secret mission that could impact humanity’s future.” What that means is really anyone’s guess — it sounds like she’ll be doing a Nick Fury routine, though that doesn‘t exactly gel with the character of Etta, who wasn’t exactly on the front lines of battle or anything.

Unfortunately, the Collider item also states that the disc will not include a commentary track from director Patty Jenkins, though a featurette video will tackle the particulars of her creative vision for the film. If she’s not careful, she’ll inspire a generation of little girls to take up the standard filmmaker’s baseball cap/sunglasses uniform thirty-or-so years down the line.

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