We could have alcohol delivery to our homes soon in Texarkana Arkansas.

On January 5th Arkansas lawmakers proposed alcohol delivery by retail liquor permit holders it is proposed as house bill 32 and was co-authored by Sen. Jane English, R-North Little Rock. What does that mean to you? It would allow businesses to deliver alcohol directly to your home as long as it's the employees of the business. Alcohol delivery would not be permitted by third party businesses, like Waitr or Grubhub.

Of course, normal rules would apply like you have to be 21 and the delivery would only be to wet counties and the big deal for us is it would have to be in the same county that the business is located. Here is the problem for some of us. El Chico is in Miller county so anyone on the Arkansas side in Miller county can have alcohol delivery if this passes, but people outside of Miller county cannot. That means anyone in Ashdown or any city in Texas is not eligible. That seems like a big hassle but that is how the bill is written.

The Arkansas Alcohol Beverage Control allowed alcohol delivery in March when governer Asa Hutchinson declared a state of emergency in March. Arkansas liquor stores want this to continue during the pandemic.

Would you like to have some great Mexican food and margaritas delivered to your house? How about some great BBQ and some craft beer. Or a delivery from your favorite liquor store? If this bill passes you can have that as long as you live in Miller county.

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