The City of Texarkana, Texas has been asked by Waste Management to remind residents what items are acceptable for curbside single stream recycling inside the city limits.

According to Waste Management District Manager Jarrod Miller, approximately 1/3 of Texarkana, Texas residents are not recycling correctly.

“We have been informed by the recycle facility that if we do not clean up our single stream recycle, they will no longer take it,” Miller said.

Waste Management began tagging contaminated carts yesterday, in an effort to remedy the issue.

“Waste Management will not dump the contaminated recycle cart in the trash,” Miller said. “It will be the customer’s responsibility to remove the contaminants out of the recycle cart themselves before we will pick it up.”

Items that contaminate a recycling cart include clothing, yard waste, wood, food, blankets, Styrofoam, glass, water hose, plastic bags and more. Acceptable items include plastic bottles, paper (such as newspaper, magazines, junk mail), cardboard (dry and no food residue), tin cans free of food residue, and aluminum cans.

Corrected recycling containers will be collected on the next regular pick-up day.



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