In this modern age, we are always trying to be aware of our private information staying private but I found a website that shares all of your personal information with anyone.

About 20 years ago I was the victim of identity theft and the whole process from finding out about the incident to it being resolved was a painful process. With social media, we all work hard to share just enough of ourselves to keep it cool, but we are always on the lookout for the problem of sharing too much personal information,

There is a website called familytreenow that has some very disturbing information that I found. The information is available for free on the site. After a quick search under my name found many records. including all of the past places that I have lived. With mostly accurate addresses.

I know this image has been blurred, but it is almost all accurate of all of the places I have lived in the past 25 years. And this information is available now on the website for free.

On another page, it lists all of your possible aliases and all of your family members. This page was only about fifty percent right but still, it was pretty scary to see how many of those family members and associated names were right.

So how do you get this information taken off of the site? One of our sister stations in Boise has a video showing you how to take your name off of the site and 'opt out'.

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