The emotions wrote a song posing the question, What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas. With annual lover's day lurking just around the corner, we ask...What do the single do on Valentine's Day?  

If you're single, don't fret! Here are 14 things to do for YOU that will numb the sting of being single on Valentine's Day.

#1. Stay off social media on V-Day

The last thing you want to do is look at pictures and gifts of V-day gifts, wining and dining and sweet words of nothing on your timeline. No FB or IG for you that day.


#2. Buy yourself of gift.

Let the taken women enjoy their chocolates, teddy bears, V-day cards and  dinner dates. Treat yourself to something you've been eyeing for a while that you can enjoy.


#3. Throw a party!

Treat all your other single friends to drinks, good appetizers and a whole lot of fun that night. Make sure you have the Lyft app ready to go!


#4. "Sip Time Me Time" Have a private party.

Ya really don't know how valuable these are til your latter 30s. But those quiet peaceful moments with a glass of wine are priceless. And to think... You don't have to worry about any of your taken friends calling you.


#5. Take a trip.

This could be a bit challenging if V-day falls on the weekday. But hey.... why not. Valentine's day is the same day every year. So, plan ahead.


#6. Enjoy a spa day.

What better way to take your mind off Cupid's holiday than a good massage and mani/pedi.


#7. Go to Bible study

Well aren't you in luck! V-day falls on Bible study day. Go get your spirit rejuvenated.


#8. Try a new look... new hair.

Change the game with a new do on V-day. Look good for YOU! #newhairwhodis


#9. Visit the novelty store

Something tells me you'll likely find some fun things in there to occupy your time.


#10. Retail Therapy

Hit up all your favorite clothing and shoe stores and freshen up that wardrobe.


Now, go ahead and get a head start on planning!


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