Ladies...Ladies...LADIESSSSS... Come one! Come all! Come thick or small and join us for “Tantalizing Thursday” dance class with Coach Cookie! 

Tonight, Thursday, February 11 at 7 p.m. at the NEW Resilience Studio owned and operated by the one and only Coach Cookie. This will the sexiest girls night in to get you ready for the SEXIEST day of the year!
Below are the details you should know:

👠WHEN:  TONIGHT, Feb. 11 at 7p.m.
👠 WHERE: Resilience Studio located at 2311 Stateline Ave.
👠BRING: BYOWine (or Whatever you drink)
👠WHAT: Learn sexy struts, daring drops, hypnotizing highs and lows for your “V-Day             Show”

Look below for an idea of what Tantalizing Thursday with Coach Cookie is all about.

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