Who's ready to win some CASH! How about a shot at $1000 twice a day, each weekday in November? Plus, how would you like to know exactly when to call? Keep reading.

It all starts on Tuesday, November 1, all you have to do is listen for the CUE to CALL, when you hear it simply be caller 25 at 1- 877-854-WINS, that’s 1- 877-854-9467 to WIN $1000 Cash.

But wait there's more, if you are a subscriber to our newsletter you will have a shot at winning $10,000! All you have to do to have a shot at that BIG cash prize is sign up for our newsletter and share the contest. That's right, sign up for the newsletter and share the contest. Really, it's that easy. You're here anyway, so let's get started right now. Click on the link below to sign up for the newsletter. Then once the contest officially starts next week be sure you login to Mix933FM.com and share the contest with your friends.

BONUS! As a subscriber to our newsletter we're going to give you a little advantage over those that don't or won't sign up, we're going to tell exactly when those Cue to Call times are going to be. Each week in our newsletter we will make sure you have the exact times to listen, call in and win.

Get signed up and keep listening for more details, good luck!

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