The Four States Auto Museum located at 217 Laurel Street is the place to be on Saturday, January 29, 6 PM, for an evening of fun, food, and murder hosted by the Texarkana Museums System.

“Vroom, Vroom, Vroom Murder Mystery,” is going to be a 1920s-themed murder mystery dinner. Travel back in time to the roaring 20s and enjoy vintage classic cars, dinner, and of course, someone will be murdered. The question is, will you be the victim or the murderer? You'll find out when you arrive!

Businessman with knife

Everyone is encouraged to come dressed in 1920s costumes to reflect the theme of the party but not required.

“Half the fun of these murder mysteries is that you won’t know if you are the murder victim until you arrive,” explains TMS Curator, Jamie Simmons. “Even if you are the victim, you can still listen in and investigate the crime as a ghost!”

The Plot

It’s the height of the Prohibition era and two rival bootleggers play a dangerous game that leads to someone being murdered. Guests will play a variety of characters, from criminals to investigators and everyone is considered a suspect until the mystery is solved.

Ember Navarro, UnSplash
Ember Navarro, UnSplash


Tickets are $45 each for non-members and only $40 for TMS Members. Couples are just $80. The deadline for tickets is January 26. Deadline is the keyword!

You can purchase your tickets at, or visit their Facebook page. You can also order your tickets by phone at 903-793-4831.

Murder Mystery Dinner

  • Slow-roasted beef
  • Roasted potatoes
  • Green bean bundles + more
Slow roasted pot roast with potatoes and carrots

Prizes Awarded

  • Best Costume
  • Best Actor
  • Best Detective

Best of Prizes will be chosen by guests of the party.

Be a part of cracking the case and solving the “Vroom, Vroom, Vroom Murder Mystery,” Saturday, January 29, 6 PM at the Four States  Auto Museum.

girl in style 20 with short hair in elite old-style

“Everyone loves the 1920s,” says TMS Board President, Velvet Cool, “It’s a fun time period for costumes. Lots of sparkles and hats. Anyone in costume is eligible for a chance at a prize!”

Sammy Williams, UnSplash
Sammy Williams, UnSplash

The Texarkana Museums System operates the Museum of Regional History, Discovery Place Interactive Museum, The Ace of Clubs House, and the P. J. Ahern Home in Historic Downtown Texarkana. TMS hosts programs, exhibits, and community events every weekend of the month.

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