Emojis are a big part of how we express feelings through text. But be careful with those heart emojis because you could be sending the wrong message.... or the right one. (wink)

Sooooo... this morning I was texting a friend about a particular heart emoji I had sent the night before. Him what does the *blank* emoji mean. Me:.......... (crickets)

When you send a heart emoji, you really don't send it with the expectation of having to explain it.  I rarely send heart emojis anyway. But this one of few times I did, I had to text back the meaning. Tapping a white or red or purple heart is way easier than sending actual words, right? Who does that anymore. So, imagine how long it took me to respond to the question. lol

So friends, I call my 25-year-old daughter and I'm telling her about my HEART felt morning. And she says to me, "What does that color heart mean, mama?" Then it hit me... People really don't know the meaning behind the colorful heart emojis we use and misuse every day.

So here ya go, friends... Let me put you up on heart emoji game. Below are some of the meanings of the infamous color heart emojis.

Red Heart  - symbolizes passion, this person could be in love.

Yellow Heart -  stands for the joys of life.

Green Heart -  someone who wants to get back together, like do you still like me?

Purple Heart -  Are you ready for this?  It means that the person is sexually attracted to you.

Blue Heart - deeply felt friendship and loyalty.

Black Heart - means grief or sorrow, but it also means someone with a dark sense of humor as well.

Broken Heart - desperately unhappy, someone is lovesick at the moment.

Two Pink Hearts - this person has very strong feelings for you.

To see more about these heart emojis go here. You can thank me later! And if you get in trouble, you can't blame me.... (all trouble ain't bad trouble)

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