Emojis are something that I rarely use. Maybe it is because I'm too old to understand all of the 'special meanings' behind them.

When it comes to emojis I try to keep it simple with the occasional smiley face one or even a heart when I am texting with my daughter. But did you know that the color of those heart emojis mean something?

Here are some of the meanings of heart emojis.

Red Heart symbolizes passion, this person could be in love.

Yellow Heart stands for the joys of life.

Green Heart someone who wants to get back together, like do you still like me?

Purple Heart this one surprised me. It means that the person is sexually attracted to you.

Blue Heart deeply felt friendship and loyalty.

Black Heart means grief or sorrow, but it also means someone with a dark sense of humor as well.

Broken Heart desperately unhappy, someone is lovesick at the moment.

Two Pink Hearts this person has very strong feelings for you.

To see more about these heart emojis go here.

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