With the countless dating apps that are becoming more and more popular, long distance relationships are almost as common as local relationships. However, like with any relationship regardless of distance, they come with their challenges.Below are 8 tips to ensure that your long distance relationship not only lasts, but sets you up in a good position to get your happily ever after.

1. Sit down face-to-face and get a clear understanding of expectations.

2. Set FaceTime dates.

Facetime is a lifesaver and since the pandemic has become a very normal way of communicating face-to-face (screen-to-screen) with your boo.

3. Send pictures and videos often as possible.

I don't know about you, but pictures always seem to brighten my day, and videos turn that brightness up several notches.

4. Ask your partner about their day.

Although you and your partner may be miles and miles away, they're going to always be anxious to tell you about their day. It shows your love and interest in their well-being, productivity, and overall success.

5. Send random gifts to their work.


6. Consistency

If your thing is to text "Good morning" every morning, don't change it up unless you have a really good reason.... like the dog ate your phone or something. lol If your virtual "date night" is every Wednesday at 8:30, make sure you're present for it. If for some reason, you can't keep the appointment, communicate that to your partner.

7. Download Travel Apps

Travel apps are your best friend if you're in a long distance relationship. Below are some suggestions:

- Hopper - helps travelers find the cheapest flights possible and can really save you some cash if your dates aren’t set in stone. Once you put in your home city and desired destination, Hooper shows you a calendar of the coming year with dates color-coded to reflect historical price averages. Days in green are the cheapest, followed by light orange, coral and red, with red indicating the most expensive days to fly. The app has a Watch This Trip feature that sends you alerts if the price changes, and the app can also tell you if the price is the same to fly nonstop or with layovers, and you can choose to exclude basic fares from the results. But probably the most useful feature is the price predictor, which explains if and when the price will rise and by approximately how much, allowing travelers to make an informed decision about whether or not to book or wait. If you’d prefer to book your flight and hotel in the same spot, you can also reserve accommodations on the app.

     Grab - If you don’t have much time to spare at the airport, Grab can come to your rescue. The app allows you to check out what food selections you’ll find near your gate, in addition to allowing you to preorder and pick up your food on the way to the gate.

The app currently operates in over 150 eateries across airports in the U.S., giving you plenty of bites to choose from before your next trip.

     GasBuddy - GasBuddy is the app you’ll want if you’re taking a roadtrip. With a community of millions of users, GasBuddy tracks down where you’ll find the cheapest gas prices, allowing you to filter by price, location, brand, and amenities at each location. It also provides you with deals at nearby convenience stores and alerts of price hikes so that you can fill up your tank before arriving to a particular station.

-Airbnb - If you would rather meet midway, AirBnB To book home rentals instead of hotels, use the Airbnb app. After entering your destination and dates, you can filter results based on the home type, price, requisite amenities and more — and for those last-minute travels, you can search only for properties that don’t require pre-approval. If find something you like, you can book directly through the app.



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