Texas restaurants finally got some great news yesterday when Alcohol-to-Go was signed into law by Texas Governor Greg Abbott and the Texas Legislature.

The bill HB 1024 now makes alcohol-to-go permanent in Texas restaurants. According to a report from FOX 4, this whole decision came about last year during the pandemic to help restaurants cope with a struggling economic crisis. During that time Governor Abbott set into motion a waiver to allow restaurants and bars to serve drinks to go which included beer, wine, and other mixed beverages. Texas residents loved the idea that they could order a drink to go when ordering their food for pickup or delivery. Now it's here to stay for good.

However, there are a few stipulations that require restaurants to seal the beverages in a tamper-proof container with the name of the restaurant on the cup with "alcohol beverage" printed on them. With the introduction of this bill, it is hoped that this will help aid in the recovery efforts of restaurants that took a loss from the pandemic last year.

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