There may be a few laws that are being finished up in the 87th Texas Legislature Special Session as we speak but these and many others will get started this coming Wednesday, September 1, 2021, in the Great State of Texas.

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Constitutional Carry - HB 1927

Don't panic, 20 other states have this law in effect already and none of them have turned into the Wild West. This new for Texas law simply affirms that if you are legally able to own a handgun in the State of Texas then you have the right, according to the US Constitution, to carry that handgun for self-protection openly or concealed. There are restrictions on where you can carry that handgun. Make sure you read the bill.

The new law does not have any restrictions as to training but we highly recommend taking a safety course, get to the range and practice, and know the 4 rules of firearm safety:

  1. Treat every firearm as if it is loaded.
  2. Never point a firearm at anything you're not willing to destroy.
  3. Be sure of your target and what's beyond it.
  4. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target.
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Ban on Teaching Critical Race Theory - HB 3979

This effectively bans the teaching of Critical Race Theory in Texas schools. The bill prescribes how teachers can talk about today's racially charged events in the news. It also mandates that school curriculum must include that racism, white supremacy, the KKK, slavery and eugenics are all morally wrong.

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Fetal Heartbeat Bill - SB 8

The Fetal Heartbeat Bill bans abortions as soon as a fetal heartbeat is detected, which could be as soon as six weeks.

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No Church Closures - HB 1239

Some parts of the country actually forced churches to close during the pandemic, this bill ensures that can never happen in Texas for any reason.

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Vaccine Passport Bill - SB 968

The Vaccine Passport Bill bans ANY BUSINESS in the State of Texas from requiring proof of vaccination, aka "Vaccine Passports" before allowing entry or services. That is private health information and does not have to be revealed to anyone.

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Alcohol-To-Go - HB 1024

Governor Greg Abbott allowed this through Executive Order during the pandemic and it has now been made a permanent law in the State of Texas. If ordered with food, beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages can be picked for delivery or carry out. Obviously, the beverage cannot be consumed while driving.

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Pay For Sex Now a Felony - HB 1540

Paying for sex has always been a misdemeanor in Texas, this law makes it a felony to pay for sex which elevates the activity to much stiffer penalties.

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Street Racing Vehicle Seizure

Street racing deaths have hit epidemic levels in some parts of Texas and now authorities will have another tool to crack down on it, vehicle seizure. That means they get to keep it.

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Medical Marijuana HB 1535

Texas is still pretty restrictive when it comes to medical marijuana use but this law does open up the use for all stages of cancer now and can also be prescribed for PTSD treatment.

For more information on all the laws that take effect September 1, 2021, go to the State of Texas Legislator website and good luck, it's a beast.

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