I am not a hunter, I am a shooter and I love the shooting sports. I didn't grow up in a hunting family so that was something that was never burned into my DNA. But I do understand it, and I can surely empathize with anyone that has something they passionately love to do, yet can't do it anymore due to an injury. It happens in sports, it happens on the job, it happens all the time. But one of the places it happens a lot is in war. Our soldiers come home with horrendous injuries that in a great number of cases limit what they can do for the rest of their lives. That's why I love to see programs that help these wounded vets get back to a more normal life, back to doing some of the things they could do before their injuries.

Check out this video preview of a program on the Outdoor Channel called "Grateful Nation". It's all about helping injured vets get back one of their passions, hunting, it will stir your heart. Even if you're not into hunting, the stories and struggles these heroes have gone through are amazing.

God bless our troops and keep them safe.

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