Don't celebrities ever listen to their mothers? You should never leave the house without clean underwear. And you should definitely not leave the house without any underwear.

Especially when you're climbing out of a car where people are lying in wait to photograph your ladybits.

Unfortunately for Anne Hathaway, she never listens to her mother, so her panty-less vag took center-stage during her arrival at Monday night's 'Les Miserables' premiere in New York City.

This wasn't a Britney Spears-style legs akimbo photo, but rather a more discreet yet still clearly-visible shot.

(Notice our artful disguise. It's a cat because she was Catwoman! Or, for the more filthy-minded among you, there's a pussycat joke to be had. What's in your head is not our business.)

In contrast to other celebrity slips, the uncensored version reveals Hathaway's slip was pretty demure in comparison. Which may mean Anne Hathaway now holds the title for the most demure vagina in Hollywood.

Quick -- someone update her IMDB profile.

Of course the zoomed and enhanced version (no, we won't link you to that -- find it yourself, perv) uses all the technology from fictional cop shows to get you up close and personal because that's what technology is for.

Anne. Sweetheart. We know pantylines are bad. But a little barely-there thong would've kept you from what's sure to be a rather uncomfortable call from your parents today.

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