Looks like 2022 might be a very interesting year, at least on the ballots in Arkansas. A second group has now filed for an Amendment to be added to the ballot in 2022 to Legalize Recreational Marijuana.

The group, according to KATV in Little Rock is the Arkansans for Marijuana Reform and they filed for the amendment last week.

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What the Proposal Says

The proposal is for adults 21 years and older;

  to possess marijuana for recreational useIt would also allow adults to cultivate up to six marijuana seedlings and have six mature plants. Those plants would have to be registered through the state


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It also says that a portion of the revenue generated from the tax would go toward state programs for schools and cancer research.

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If it is approved, the article goes on to state that lawmakers could tax recreational marijuana but not medical sales. Another group called Arkansas True Grass filed an amendment back in September. For this amendment to be added to the 2022 ballot they will need to get 89,101 signatures by June of 2022.

What do you think? Do you think it will get on the ballot?

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