Your driver's license is something we all carry, but did you know you may be breaking the law with your picture.

Getting your driver's license renewed is don't one of the big things I look forward to doing. On the Arkansas side of town you will be waiting for your number to be called out then there is the quick questions the eye test and finally, you get your picture taken for your new license. The whole process is a little stressful for me, but did you know you may be breaking the law when it comes to taking your picture for your driver's license?

In an old article, I found here it is actually illegal to smile in your driver's license photo. Arkansas is one of those states and the reason is facial recognition. In the article, they had this to say about the no smiling in drivers license photos.

18 states share their drivers' license databases with the FBI as part of a large “face services” system targeted at catching criminals. Idaho or Colorado are not currently part of the progam.

Wes Spicher Townsquare Media
Wes Spicher Townsquare Media

So in my drivers' license photo, I am not smiling. It is not because of this rule, I was a little perturbed at the lady taking the photo. She made a comment, 'hey big man, you might wanna back up a little I know it wasn't a big deal but none the less I did not smile.

This is what the FBI wants you to do in your drivers' license photo:

"citizens should only wear “an expressionless face and a pleasant smile,”

So a straight face or a small smile that shows no teeth. Got it? I feel like most of us can do this without much of an issue.

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