For those who like to ride bikes and love a good challenge, it's not too late to sign up for the Ark-La-Tex Challenge coming up this Saturday. 

Last year's event had to be canceled like so many charitable events were so they are excited to get this one going. The 9th annual Ark-La-Tex Challenge benefits Texarkana Resources for the Disabled and offers both novice and experienced cyclists a ride, unlike many others. The Challenge will allow you to ride through three states in one ride with five different distances to accommodate different cyclist levels. From 22 miles up to the 70-mile route. Plus a chance to grab a victory photo standing in Arkansas, Texas, and Louisiana! Just the motivation you need halfway through!

Route Lengths

70 Miles – Ark-La-Tex Challenge
52 Miles – Texas/Arkansas Loop
46 Miles – Arkansas/Texas Out and Back
35 Miles – Ark-La-Tex with Non-Supported Return
22 Miles – Arkansas/ Texas Challenge out and back
0 Miles – Spirit Rider to support the cause

Note – This year there will NOT be a 35-mile supported return. The route will still be posted if a 35-mile route is desired but riders will need to arrange their own transport for them and their bicycle back to the starting location.

COVID-19 restrictions prevent being inside the school, however, registration, breakfast, and lunch will take place in the Liberty-Eylau High School Parking Lot. There will also not be a set time to launch. Instead, there will be a staggered self-start and they ask that all cyclist be out on the course no later than 9:15 am.

Registration Dates:
General Registration – Now – 04/02/21
Online registration closes on 04/02/21 @1pm
Late Registration will be held 04/02/21 from 4-6 pm at Berridge Bikes 321 Texas Blvd, Texarkana, TX 7550 along with early packet pick-up.

NOTE: You can also register the morning of the event for $50

More details, route registration pricing and more available on their website.

If you missed the interview with Jim & Lisa, here you go:

Jim and Lisa with Jennifer Lewis from Texarkana Resources
Jim and Lisa with Jennifer Lewis from Texarkana Resources
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