Have I told you how much I love cats? My love for cats started with my love and fascination with big cats thanks to the movie Born Free. Now there are three little tiger cubs at the Little Rock Zoo that need our help naming them.

The three female Malayan tiger clubs were born back in June. The zoo took around 700 nominations for names and now has whittled the number of names down to 7.

Little Rock Zoo
Little Rock Zoo

According to the Little Rock Zoo's website, these are the names and their meanings:

Parvati: The Hindu Goddess of power, energy, beauty, love, devotion and motherhood. It also means “she who dwells in the mountains”. I think the first explanation is better.
Kae: “to invite” or “pure, chaste”. But there is a double meaning and importance on this one because it's also the name of the general manager of the cat conservation group, My Cat. Her name is Dr. Kae Kawanishi. How perfect to honor this woman for her dedication to saving Malayan tigers.

Nazra: This name means “glow and happiness of the face”, “beautiful and radiant”, and “freshness”.

Sundari: This one means “beautiful” and these tigers are all beautiful!

Hermoine: If you love Harry Potter then you'll recognize the name as the heroine of the series.

Zoya: This one has the meaning “life”

Dhia: means “splendor” or “glow”.

It's super easy to vote at the link below on the online ballot. You just pick your preference in the order you like the best.

You can vote until noon Friday, October 21 through the online ballot, or at LittleRockZoo.com

But first check out the sweet video of the mother grooming her babies.

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