I have always been fascinated with the chimpanzee because they are the closest animal to humans. The Little Rock Zoo is proud to announce the zoo's newest addition a new male chimp named Mtoto you will fall in love with.

First of all, I am not sure how you say his name Mtoto, I'm thinking Ma-Toto. Nevertheless, Mtoto has a new home in the chimpanzee exhibit at the Little Rock Zoo. However, the young chimp is still learning its new surroundings  Just a small kid learning the ins and outs of a new school, it may take a while before Mtoto is able to adapt and feel comfortable in his hangout.

Little Rock Zoo
Little Rock Zoo

If you have visited the zoo lately you have probably seen what looks like trash in the chimp yard but it is actually leftover enrichment that is not harmful to the animals. The reason the yard looks like this right now is that Mtoto is still refusing to go indoors where the chimps normally sleep. Zoo keepers are unable to go into the chimp yard to clean it up until Mtoto learns to go inside with the rest of the chimpanzees. Keep in mind, that this is not any reflection of the incredible care our animals receive

Did You Know?

  • Chimpanzees share more than 98% of the same DNA as humans.
  • Chimpanzees are one of the few animals that make and use tools.
  • Chimpanzees live in large groups called communities.
  • Apes, including chimpanzees, have color vision.
  • A chimpanzee's feet have opposable toes, like a thumb. This helps them when climbing.

If you haven't been to the Little Rock Zoo lately now is the best time to visit and see Asmara's two new baby tiger cubs just two weeks old, and of course, Mtoto the chimp.

Little Rock Zoo
Little Rock Zoo

By the way, The Association of Zoos and Aquariums announced that the Little Rock Zoo will retain its accreditation for another five years. That's great news for zoo fans in Arkansas!

For tickets, events, and more information visit the Little Rock Zoo website.

If you have never seen the Disney movie Chimpanzee you need to watch it.

Vulture Awareness Day

Don't miss Vulture Awareness Day on Saturday, Sept. 3, from 10 a.m to 2 p.m. at the zoo. In Arkansas, we have two vulture species, the Black Vulture and the Turkey Vulture. They may not be the most attractive animals on the planet, but vultures and other kinds of scavengers are nature’s clean-up crew. Vultures always seem to get a bad reputation because most of the time whenever you see one it's eating dead animals. The Little Rock Zoo has three vultures named Latte, Morticia, and Elvira, and after you meet them you will probably change your mind the next time you see a vulture.

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