The mask mandate in Arkansas is set to end at the end of this month.

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson had set goals last month to lift the mask mandate, which includes a positivity rate below 10 percent, or fewer than 750 hospitalizations, are being met and he believes the mask requirement will be lifted at the end of the month.

Governor Hutchinson believes the Arkansas mask mandate will be removed soon.
Hutchinson said he believes people will continue wearing masks when social distancing is not possible or they are otherwise at risk of virus exposure.

Governor Hutchinson said

“I set some goals. And we’re making those goals. So, I expect that mandate to be lifted,” Hutchinson said. “Common sense is going to replace mandates. And I think that’s where we are right now. You cannot go beyond the toleration of the American public” to a mandate.

Hutchinson's announcement in February lifted the restrictions and capacity limits on bars, restaurants, gyms, and large venues. Arkansas's COVID positivity rate was nine percent last Thursday, according to data from Johns Hopkins University and the Arkansas Department of Health on Sunday reported 192 people hospitalized due to the virus.

So what does that mean for us in Texarkana? Mask mandates will be lifted but businesses will still have the right to make you wear a mask in their business, Of course, you might want to carry a mask with you at all times so that you will be prepared in case you do need a mask. There are businesses in Texarkana Texas that still require you to wear a mask. And it is still up to you to wear your maks if you feel uncomfortable not wearing one in big crowds.

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