Alligator season in Arkansas runs through this weekend in Arkansas and 32-year-old  Reagan McKinley a dental hygienist from Bryant, Arkansas killed a huge alligator in Hempstead County last weekend.

Alligator hunting is allowed from 30 minutes after sunset until 30 minutes before sunrise. The male alligator was approximately 11-foot-long with an estimated weight guess between 400-500 pounds. McKinley told THV-11 in Little Rock that she fought with the gator for about 2 hours from a boat before she was able to get close enough to kill it.

Credit, Reagan McKinley

The alligator was killed on private land where her boyfriend lives in Hope. After talking with McKinley she told me she used a snare and a 12 gauge shotgun to make the kill.

Credit, Reagan McKinley

Last weekend Sept. 17, marked the first weekend where you could hunt on private or public land.

"I can finally check killing an alligator off my bucket list," According to her Facebook page.

She went on to say she wouldn't have been able to catch it without help from Kyle Huckabee and Justin Calhoun. Gotta give them a shout out too for the best hunt ever!

Credit, Reagan McKinley

According to state regulations, the one holding the permit from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission is allowed to have at least a minimum of three assistants to help, but only the person with the permit is allowed to kill the alligator.

Credit, Reagan McKinley

Since Reagan is a dental hygienist, I wonder how she rated his mouth and teeth?

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