When you think about Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs Arkansas, alligators is probably the last thing on your mind. But just last week there was a report of an alligator being spotted on Lake Hamilton, however, after a little investigation it turned out to be something most common in lakes.

The gator turned out to be a huge log floating in the water, according to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. In a video from KARK-TV, a spokesman with the AGFC said there are alligators that do live on some parts of Lake Hamilton, mainly in low-lying, less populated areas of the lake. Alligators are most common in the southern states so it should come as no surprise if you spot one. If you do try to maintain your distance and keep in mind that alligators are not aggressive unless they are provoked or feel threatened as is the case with most wild animals.

No need to panic or worry Lake Hamilton is still safe.

You can hunt alligator in Arkansas but you have to have a permit to do so and there is a particular time of year allowed for hunting. June 30, 2021, is the last day to apply for land hunting permit in the state. According to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission the hunting period is Sept. 17 -20, and Sept. 24-27. Only Arkansas residents can hunt on state public lands and hunters must be at at least 16 years or older.

Visit the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission website to apply and for more requirements.

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