Social media is a known platform for hook ups, break ups and everything in between relationship-wise. 

In a world where the traditional, "I like you. Do you like me? Let's go out." is almost extinct, single men and women who are from that era are forced to learn how to flirt and date using social media as well. 

Initially we had MySpace. We spent hours decking out pages with the latest MySpace garb and playlists and changing out our top 5 friends. Now let's fast forward to a time when you have way more choices and way less hassle. Today we have the good 'ol Book (Facebook), IG (Instagram), Twitter, and SnapChat to name the main social media outlets.

Using social media as a means to flirt can be tricky and downright creepy if not done properly.  We can all agree that going through liking 25 pictures at one time on someone's Facebook page is the ultimate social media flirtation NO NO!

Throw in SnapChat, Twitter, and Instagram and you're looking at the top social media flirtation platforms.  So, lets set the record straight once and for all....what is your biggest social media flirtation turn-off?



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