Yep, it's winter and I got the winter blues. The picture above is no mistake. That's really how I feel about winter. Well, at least I'm not alone.  New research shows that women are 50 percent more likely to get the winter blues than men.

The research shows that women struggle with enduring less daylight. Yeah, that bothers me, too! Even worse are the cold, freezing temperatures. Um, by the way, temperatures under 72 degrees I consider freezing and pointless. When the temperature drops into the 20's and below, well, in my opinion, that's just stupid cold.

The research also shows that women have a tougher time with a range of problems, including finding it harder to getting up in the morning than men.

Oh yeah, and women eat more for comfort in the winter so we gain the pounds and really get the blues! I knew there was a reason I hated winter and think summer is the perfect season!

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