With temperatures expected to climb to near 100 this week, everyone will be looking at ways to stay cool when outdoors. The state of Arkansas has several splash pads where you and the kids can do just that all for FREE.

The newest splash pad opened just a couple of years ago in Ashdown, Arkansas and it's appropriately named "Splashdown." Get more info here.


Splashdown cost the city of Ashdown $450,000 but it was all worth it located at the Ashdown City Park 1211 Gordon Drive. This splash pad features lots of water spouts, and sprays of water that will keep the little ones entertained for hours and refreshed too.

Splash Pad at Tyndall Park

One of the coolest splash pads is located in Benton, Arkansas about an hour and 45 minutes straight down I-30 East from Texarkana. This splash pad features buckets that fill up with water and then dump the water on your head. And that's not all, they also have water spouts and a misting arc. Bring a lunch because there are several picnic tables. The Splash Pad at Tyndall Park is open 9 am - 8 pm through the summer months. Go to their website BentonAr.org for more information.

Splash Pad City of Fayetteville


This splash pad was opened in 2019 and is a little larger than most splash pads with tons of water spouts, a huge showering sunflower, and a gigantic water bucket that dumps loads of cool water on its visitors. This is a city park so there is an abundance of other recreational needs in this beautiful area. See more info here.

Splash Pads at Riverfront Park

This is probably one of the most unique splash pads in Arkansas because it's located at The Peabody Playground near the Junction Bridge and kids of all ages will enjoy cooling off in this area. The other is located at Riverfront Park where they have a toddler's playground, right behind the Marriott Hotel. This area features refreshing waterfalls and water spouts and is open from 8 am to 9 pm. Get more info here.

Splash Pad at War Memorial Park

Finally, of the best splash pads in Arkansas, this one features tall water fountains, misting water, rock nets, and fun things to climb. During the summer months, you can splash from 8 am to 9 pm. Check out their website here.

So, if you're traveling through Arkansas this summer, visiting relatives, or just want a quick day trip with the kids you can't go wrong with any of these splash pads in the natural state.

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