The Texarkana Arts and Humanities Council presents its Speaker Series with Jes Weiner Thursday in downtown Texarkana.

This is what the Texarkana Arts and Humanities Council had to say about this upcoming event on Thursday:

This artist travels all over the four states area creating large works. This business model is a different product than small works. She will talk about the process but also how different it is making commissioned pieces for a building rather than creating what you want in your home studio.

Check out this video of Jess doing the TXK mural in Texarkana.

This is from Jes's website:

Jes is a 31-year-old, Texas-born, artist/muralist, wife, mother, and ice cream enthusiast, currently residing in Bentonville, Arkansas, serving the Northwest Arkansas, East Texas, and Kansas City areas. Her aim is to make art that comforts, energizes, and inspires the viewer. She believes in wearing her heart on her sleeve, and her canvas. #ArtYourHeartOut

Event-goers will get some insight on how to capitalize on their passion and possibly turn it into their own small business. So make plans now to experience this unique event and meet fellow artists and small business owners.

This is just one of many speaker series events that the Texarkana Regional Arts and Humanities Council hosts. This event will be on April 21 and will be from 6:30 until 7:30 PM at Cabe Hall which is located at 321 West 4th Street in Downtown Texarkana.  Anthony Bruce will wrap up the speaker series on July 21.

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