The Texarkana Arts and Humanities Council presents its Speaker Series with Julie Coker Tidwell on Thursday in downtown Texarkana.

This is what the Texarkana Arts and Humanities Council had to say about this event on Thursday:

This wildlife photographer will share tips and techniques of photographing animals in the wild.  Photographers of all skill levels and any nature lover will enjoy listening to her many adventures in the field. Come join local and regional animal enthusiasts and artists.

Ahmed Galai Unsplash
Ahmed Galai Unsplash

Julie will share her passion for nature photography. Event-goers will get some insight on how to capitalize on their passion and possibly turn it into their own small business. So make plans now to experience this unique event and meet fellow photographers and small business owners.

This is just one of many speaker series events that the Texarkana Regional Arts and Humanities Council hosts. This event will be on April 21 and will be from 6:30 until 7:30 PM at Cabe Hall which is located at 321 West 4th Street in Downtown Texarkana. The schedule for the remaining speakers in the series are as follows. Tammy Harrington, May 19 Jes Weiner, June 16, and Anthony Bruce, wraps the series on July 21.

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