The Texarkana Parks and Recreation Department is doing its part to give the residents of Texarkana free healthy activities.

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Yoga. These classes will take place at the Southwest Center located at 3222 W. 7th Street will offer Yoga classes every Wednesday from 5:30 until 6:30 and are free of charge.

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Zumba. Zumba classes at the Southwest Center on Tuesday and Thursday at 9 am-10 am or 6 pm-7 pm and are free.


Basketball You can play for free on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday come play basketball at the Southwest Center. Hours are 9 am-11 am, 11 am-1 pm, and 1 pm-3 pm at the Southwest Center gym.

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Pickleball. You can play for free on Tuesday and Thursday from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm.

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Tennis. The city has Tennis available for adults and kids. Junior tennis is available on Wednesdays from 4 until 5:30 PM. Adult tennis so from 5:30 until 7 PM.

All of these classes are offered free of charge and are held in the Southwest Center located at 3222 West 7th street in Texarkana. If you need more information call, Eddie Aulds, at 903-798-3978.

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