Here we are at the weekend before the start of the holiday season and cooler weather is here. Check out these 5 awesome things you can do in Texarkana this weekend.

1. The kids can make "Paper Pumpkins" at the Ace Of Clubs House on Saturday in downtown Texarkana. This event is being put on by the Texarkana Museum Systems.


2. LIve Music In Texarkana.  From the acoustic sounds of Dave Almond to the rock and country tunes of Texarkana's Relentless you can find it all in Texarkana this weekend.

Live Band Man

3. If you want to stay in this weekend you can make some of the most popular Thanksgiving dishes in our area. You can try to perfect your recipe for Arkansas's favorite Thanksgiving recipe for gravy.

Dark Homemade Turkey Gravy for Thanksgiving Dinner

4. Take a bike tour of downtown Texarkana. You can see downtown Texarkana in a new way with a historic bike tour of the historic downtown Texarkana areas.


5.  Acrylic Pour At Redbone. This family-friendly painting event will be at Redbone Magic Brewery on Sunday. Redbone is located at 1304 Texas Blvd in Texarkana Texas.

Pawel Czerwinski vis UnSplash
Pawel Czerwinski vis UnSplash


There is a Chili Cook-Off happening on Saturday at Texarkana Harley Davidson. This event will be Saturday from noon until 4 PM. Texarkana Harley Davidson is located at 802 Walton Drive IN Texarkana.


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