Following the publication of some photos of the usually svelte and not buxom Taylor Swift looking a lot more ample than usual up top, many outlets speculated that the starlet may have gotten a breast augmentation. Did the ‘Eyes Open’ singer go under the knife in hopes of better filling out the sparkly dresses she loves so much?

No way! Sources close to Swift told E! Online that the rumors are pretty absurd.

The rumors started when Swift was photographed in a fitted navy and white striped dress — in which, admittedly, her top half looked much more well-endowed than it has previously. Three plastic surgeons, none of whom have ever treated Swift, said she appeared to go from an A to a C cup.

But here’s the thing: a push up bra can work wonders, and she was spotted at Victoria’s Secret recently not looking particularly busty, so that’s a pretty big possibility as to what’s behind the 22-year-old’s sudden growth spurt. Buying new bras doesn’t mean she bought new boobs!

Additionally, horizontal stripes make everything look bigger, including Swift’s chest. What’s more, a profile of Swift when she was 19 explicitly told about her penchant for padded bras.

On top of all that, where in the world would Swift have found the time for a scalpel? She’s more concerned with cupcakes than her cup size.

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