TRICK-OR-TREAT!!! It's about that time! And you need to be aware of one of the coolest trends ever that has started to appear in neighborhoods  It's the blue pumpkin!  The blue pumpkin is showing up on front doors and the meaning is pretty dang cool. Food allergies can put a real damper on Halloween/trick-or-treat festivities for children.  With the possibility of something with peanuts or other potentially dangerous allergy causing ingredients out there, most just stay at home.

Now some homes have pledged to provide allergy-free treats instead. These families hand out toys or other goodies during Halloween. These families mark their homes with a blue pumpkin on their doorsteps. Kids with allergies know they can visit safely and get treats that will not trigger allergies, such as small toys or presents in place of candy.

Help spread the trend so ALL kids can enjoy their Halloween this year.

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