Filing your taxes yourself instead of hiring someone to do it for you is one the most dreaded things to do and quite possibly one of the biggest mistakes you can ever make if you are not properly informed and properly equipped.

OfficeMax conducted a national survey and found that nearly half of tax-paying Americans opt to do it themselves.

More men than women prefer to do it themselves and women are more likely to hire someone. I have vowed to never do my own taxes again. I learned my lesson.

The survey revealed some other interesting facts:

Sixty percent of people get very nervous and worry about being audited. It can happen to anyone especially since the IRS is hiring more people to do more audits.

45 percent of people say the biggest challenge to getting their taxes done is procrastination. Other challenges include nervousness about filing taxes correctly, confusion about the process, laziness, and lack of organization. I am guilty of procrastination, I can always find something else to do and then there is the lack of organization. I have a filing system. I just don't use it that often.

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