This is what I came home to last night. My rescued dog Sophie apparently got hungry or didn’t like that I left her in charge of guarding the dog food. This was completely out of character for her. She looked like she swallowed a cow!

I run a dog rescue for German shepherds. Sophie was my very first rescue. I have had Sophie for seven years. I put her in the dog building where the rescued dogs normally go. It is double-insulated, air conditioned, has comfortable dog beds and music that doesn’t get interrupted if the power goes out. The rescued dogs usually go in the crates. Sophie doesn’t need to be crated because she is house trained and does not get into stuff. I guess I can’t say that anymore. The bags of food were stacked nicely. She climbed on top of totes knocking items down. She just went nuts.

My husband and I spent a few hours trying to get her to ‘unload’ the pounds of dog food that she consumed. No luck. She seems to be fine this morning but we will have to limit her water intake so she doesn’t swell up like a balloon.

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