Derek J Murphy and Texas A&M-Texarkana's PATH program invites you to come out to the "Leading Back To The Future" Winter Summit Saturday, at 9 AM, Saturday, February 9 at Texarkana A&M Eagle Hall. REGISTRATION IS ABSOLUTELY FREE! 

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During my interview with Pastor Derek Murphy, I discovered a couple of key things. One... he is student of leadership. Two...he has a passion for leadership and wants to share that passion with the Texarkana community. Therefore, next month, he will created a platform for a few of TK's leaders, including myself to impart leadership concepts and ideologies we've gleaned through personal and professional experiences.

Speakers and topics include: Dr. Emily Cutrer, President of TAMU Texarkana; Derrick McGary, Owner of Derrick McGary State Farm Insurance; and Keeta King, KMJI (Majic 93.3) Brand Manager and Radio Personality.

The Keynote speaker is Dr. CJ Rhodes from Jackson, Mississippi. Below is a brief introduction of Dr. Rhodes.

Event coordinator and mastermind of the "Leading Back to the Future,"  Derek J. Murphy had the following to say regarding the event:

We are very grateful to Texas A&M -Texarkana Branch for supporting and underwriting the entire seminar. I am so excited to hear the leadership expertise and experience this group of speakers will share at the summit. It's going to be amazing.

I hope to see you there! Oh and did I mention that it's absolutely FREE?!?

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