Let's face it, America is obsessed with its hamburgers! But you probably already knew that right? Well, this Friday, May, 28, is National Hamburger Day.

While many of you will most likely be grilling up some burgers this Memorial holiday weekend several national restaurant chains will be offering up some sweet deals on National Hamburger Day. As always, make sure to check with the restaurant to be certain they are participating.

Let's take a look.

Dairy Queen locations in Texas are celebrating by offering a Hungr-Buster BOGO, Buy One, Get One deal. Just download the DQ Texas mobile app, available on both the iPhone at the Apple App Store for Apple devices and Google Play Apps for Android devices.

 Wendy's - Use Wendy's app and receive a free single or junior bacon cheeseburger with any purchase or you can buy any of Dave's premium hamburgers and get an additional premium hamburger for just $1.00 using Wendy's app offer.

McDonald's - Get a free medium-size order of fries every Friday in May by using the McDonald's app, purchase must be $1.00 or more.

Burger King - Use your BK app to order your first digital order to get a free Whopper. Order must be $5 minimum for delivery orders. See other specials.

While the hamburger has become an American tradition, the origins of the hamburger go all the way back to a non-American city, Hamburg, Germany. See more HERE.

Lisa did a who has the Best Burger in Texarkana story, check it out here. My personal favorite hamburger in Texarkana is TLC.

For old times sake, throw a burger on the grill this Memorial holiday weekend and your tastebuds will thank you. You may want to try this recipe out!

So, no matter how you like your burger there are so many ways to enjoy this American tradition. Are you hungry yet?

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