Are you ready for a 3-day holiday weekend? Many Americans will be heading to the lakes, pools, and firing up their grills with family and friends to cook up some great food. I guess you could say the grilling season is officially here!

What do you plan on throwing on the grill this weekend? What's your top choice when grilling out? The team at Grill Cook Bake surveyed over 3,900 Americans, asking them about their favorite grilled food, how they like their steak cooked, and if they prefer hamburgers or hot dogs. Below are some of the findings:

  • Over one-third of Americans (34%) say steak is their favorite grilled food, followed by hamburgers (19%) and chicken (18%).
  • Medium rare was the most common cooking preference (27.3%), followed by medium (25.6%) and medium-well (23.5%). The results varied significantly by state.
  • 19.4% of Americans prefer their steak well done. Four states had well done as their most common response (Alaska, Georgia, Oklahoma, West Virginia).
  • 81% of Americans preferred hamburgers over hot dogs.

For me, I love a good steak and yes, I prefer my steak medium-well. In our four-state area, according to the survey, Arkansas and Louisiana like their steak medium-rare, while Texas prefers medium and Oklahoma well-done.

But remember, no matter what you plan on grilling out have a happy and safe Memorial Day holiday weekend.

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