We're counting down the days of 2017. Don't allow unforgiveness rob you of your 2018.

Speaking from experience... I know how hard it is to forgive someone who has done you wrong especially when you know you've done nothing to deserve the blow they dealt. However, in my quiet time with God, I was reminded that unforgiveness clogs up my blessings and if I want to be forgiven for MY many wrongs, I have to forgive others for the wrongs they've dealt me. You see the difficult thing about forgiveness is that it no always instant. Often times it's an ongoing process. We don't just snap our fingers and catch amnesia. So the same person you forgave at 12, you may have to turn around and forgive again at 12:05. It only takes one thought to have you ready to choke them all over again. So, join me on my journey down the road to forgiveness. I want EVERYTHING God has for me in 2018, and I refused to be robbed by someone who has already robbed me of enough.

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