Soooooo I'm just days away from turning a whole year older. Yaaay and YIKES! I'm so grateful, however, to God for another year of life. I’ll be honest… I'm like guhhhl you getting closer and closer to 50! When does this age thing stop?!?! Well, I’ma tell you something… I wouldn’t go back to my 20 or 30 for anything. I didn’t know anything. The things that come along with time or just  the 40s period is wisdom, awareness (of one’s self), and acceptance.

I’m much wiser about who and where I spend my time. I follow peace. And if you don’t bring me peace… I create a world without you.

I’m very aware of who I am and no longer require validation from anyone. And lastly, I accept the plans and the timing of God for my life. So I’m much more apt to do the things that are in the will of God vs the will of Keeta.

Well hell I wish I had some fly quote or some clever way to end this, but I don’t… I’ll leave you with this though… The PLAN of God won’t take you anywhere that the will of God won’t keep you.


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