It's hard to believe that a week ago it was snowing like crazy, the snow was piling up everywhere including Hot Springs, Arkansas. A couple there decided that instead of building a traditional snowman they would create "Queen Elsa" from the Disney movie "Frozen."

What turned out to be just an idea for some family fun in the backyard has garnered them some national attention especially after they posted their video on the social media site Tik Tok.

According to KARK-News the couple's names are David and Ashley Diedrich and are residents of Hot Springs, Arkansas. They created "Elsa" by using food coloring and spray bottles, they had to spray her multiple times using several layers of snow to keep her from falling apart. To finish her off the Diedrich's just happen to have a mannequin head with long flowing hair. Now if they just would have had time to create Olaf that would make it perfect. Perhaps next time!

I would say take a drive to Hot Springs to see her but with all the warming weather, I'm sure Elsa is just a puddle of food coloring in their backyard. But thanks to the Diedrich family I'm sure they made a lot of children and families smile.

Did you make something creative in your yard last week?

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