Growing up in Texarkana there are so many memories that come to mind, all you have to do is look around the city and you'll find yourself saying, "I remember when that used to be there."

Who can remember going into a grocery store, gas station, or restaurant and seeing the postcard display? Let's take a trip down memory lane and see how many of these places you can recall. After all, back in those days, there was no Facebook or Instagram, this is how you communicated when you wanted to send someone a short hello.

The Coffee Cup

Located on Hwy 67 -71 and 82, this was a gathering place for Texarkana folks for many years. It was tabbed as a modernistic cafe that served breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Jefferson Coffee Shop

The Jefferson Coffee Shop was a great place to eat anytime day or night and was located on State Line Avenue adjacent to Union Station. Many families and soldiers traveling by train would dine here while waiting for their next destination. What I remember is not only was it a fantastic diner but my grandfather would buy his cigars here from their display case.

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Red Barn Restaurant

The Red Barn was located on Hwy 67 North and used to serve up some of the best steaks and BBQ in Texarkana.

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Fondos Cafe

Located on Hwy 59-67, as their postcard reads specializing in choice steaks, seafood, and southern fried chicken. Had to get southern in there for sure. Oh, and it was air-conditioned too.

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Two State Motel Gas Station Cafe

This was a very unique place on Hwy 67 and 59, not only could you stay here but you could also get gas at the gas station and dine in the cafe.

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The Town House Diner

Located on Hwy 67-71 and 82, in the 1930s-1940s long before KFC, The Town House Diner offered up some of the best-fried chicken in Texarkana, which was their main specialty.

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Stop Again Service

Located n Hwy 67 West this was not a restaurant but a full-service gas station but it was one of the coolest in town because of the airplane on the roof and the Texas Jack Rabbit. I have a picture somewhere with me on the rabbit when I was just a small boy. By the way, that rabbit has been restored and now makes it home at Dot's Rental in Texarkana.

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Finally, how could you not end this trip down memory lane without posting a pic of one of the most vintage postcards that used to be in circulation that represented Texarkana being in two states? Funny, I sent this to lots of friends back then.

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I hope you got a kick out of some of these memories as I did and if you are too young to remember ask your parents or grandparents, chances are I'm sure they could tell you some stories.

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