We really don't sit around and ponder ANYTHING very long anymore. WE GOOGLE! Well, did you realize we've been googling now for 20 years?

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If you haven't checked out today's Doodle (the cute  temporary altercation to the Google logo on the Google homepage page), it is celebrating the fact that people have been  relying on the smarts of Google for 20 years now. The once-unassuming search engine grew up to change the internet and today's Google Doodle chronicles some of the most popular search trends of the last two decades.

So mark your calendars today, as September 27 is the official "Google Birthday". It's the actual day Google first launched its website in 1998. And myyyy how it has changed over the years. While the primary colors in the logo and the search engine's name has stayed the same, the company has added a ton of new products, including Gmail, the world's most popular webmail product, and Android, which powers most of the world's smartphones.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GOOGLE! We don't know what we would do today without you! To see what we've googled over the past twenty years,simply click on the Doodle on the Google homepage.


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