If your coworker is being extra nice and complimentary to you today, don't think it odd. He or she is just celebrating you in honor of National Compliment Day.

A compliment is a powerful thing and goes a long way. It can plant seeds of confidence in the life of a child, and break through barriers to the heart of the toughest adult.  A compliment is an expression of praise, gratitude, congratulation, or encouragement. And on top of all that... IT'S FREE, so why not indulge?

National Compliment Day was established in 1998 in New Hampshire and is celebrated every year on January 24. The purpose of this holiday is to say something nice to your friends, family, coworkers, etc. in hopes of brightening their day, thus building great relationships.

Here are three main reasons you should participate in National Complimentary Day:

1. It Motivates People-If you tell someone they are doing a great job, motivates them to work even harder and do an even better job.

2. It Spreads Happiness-Compliments not only make the recipient happier but studies have shown that it can make the person giving out the compliment happier as well. And who doesn’t want to be happy?

3. It creates A Positive Environment-Giving not only benefitting the giver and receiver, it benefits everyone, as it tells others the environment is safe and friendly.

So, today, go make someone's day with a compliment they're not expecting. You look amazing, by the way

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